Joseph Bera Ulalah


Film Producer | Actor | Editor| Writer


Ssewante Joseph Rwebembera A.K.A Joseph Bera Ulalah is a male Ugandan actor, Film Producer, Writer and Editor born on 09th05 1992 in Kyankuba village, Kyegegwa district, western Uganda. He started acting 2018.


Joseph Bera is also the founder and CEO of JR FILM STUDIOS UGANGA (a film production entity registered under the government of Uganda). He is also a co-founder of the Film Producers Guild that is the Association of Core Film Producers Uganda Limited.


From a humble and back ground, Joseph Bera is now well known by his Ugandan movies and has inspired many children and youth whose dream is to become actors and actresses. In his quotes, he says, “I want to change My Uganda Film Industry.”



  1. Amaka gemizimu.
  2. Abagwila
  3. Ebbuba 1,2,3,4
  4. One Moment To Live

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