Bbaale Richard


Born on 5th Jan 1985, Bbaale Richard hails from Kateera in Masaka born of the Lt. Mayanja Peter and Ms. Nambwaayo Florence. He started his film career as an actor and producer in 2012. He has featured in approximately 30 movies as an actor and has produced 6 movies. Besides his film career, he is a father, husband and a business man.


He is passionate about humanity, green environment and gender rights. He is an Award Winner as the Actor of the Year during the 2020 Pearlwood Awards for his lead role in the movie titled “Vva ku Ttaka”.


He is a co-founder of the Film Producers Guild and following the Pearlwood Annual General Meeting of 22nd June 2022, he was elected as a board member on the Guild’s Board of Director.


Movies produced:

  1. Vva ku Ttaka
  2. Mukyala Candida
  3. Bidde gyebyava
  4. Mummy’s Case
  5. Kayayaana (The Lover Boy)
  6. Ekijankunene mu Kika
  7. First Aid

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