About Pearlwood

About Pearlwood

Pearlwood is the registered trademark for Uganda’s Film Industry that was established and is managed by a partnership of stakeholder Guilds. The Producers Guild is at the helm of managing the trademark since by definition and roles; Film producers are at the focal point of film production and business and that’s why it goes without saying, “It affects everybody else in the same manner it affects the (film) producer.”

The Film Guilds include but not limited to:

  Guilds  Registered Name
1 Actors Guild Association of Film Actors Uganda Limited
2 Exhibitors Guild Association of Cinematographic Exhibitors Limited
3 Producers Guild Association of Core Film Producers Uganda Limited
4 Cinematographers Guild  
5 Writers Guild  
6 Editors Guild  

Having been founded on November 19th 2018 and following an understanding with the different guilds; the trademark has been adopted as the national brand. The guilds are independent member-based organizations working together and governed by the Constitution of Pearlwood that establishes a Pearlwood Board of Directors comprising of two delegates from each member guild.


Pearlwood Board of Directors

  Delegate’s Name Guild BOD Office
1 Mzee Bwanika Julius Producers Executive Secretary
2 Ssegawa Julius Exhibitors Board Member
3 Nantongo Florence Actors Board Member
4 Abwalo Ruth Kurt Actor Board Member


Pearlwood fundamental objective is to unite Film Makers for socio-economic development through collective management of their interests and rights across the Film Value Chain that includes Pre-production, Production, Post Production and Marketing (Exhibition and Distribution).


Currently, Pearlwood has partnered with MTN Uganda and Alabayan Media trading as YOTV Channels to promote Uganda’s film industry through the highly subsidized Video on Demand services. See the Launch of Pearlwood Digital Distribution platform; Kibanda Xpress.


Pearlwood also contributes to the wellbeing of society through making films based on annual themes where best participants and films are celebrated at the annual Pearlwood AwardsSee the 1st Pearlwood Awards 2020 & Launch of FOR HER 2021 theme.


Film is a smart vehicle of ideology, a strong mobilization, information and communication tool with outstanding potential to provoke purposed discussion and action. As lately observed, anything appearing in films can easily penetrate into society. The process of the influence caused by films can be voluntary, involuntary, accidental, conscious or unconscious.